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A Wedding and Celebration of Life! This is a Renaissance/Celtic themed wedding. People are encouraged (but not required) to wear themed attire. Think of it as Midsummer Nights Dream Masquerade. We want this to be a fun family friendly event. It is BYOB and we will be serving food and desserts. There are campsites available for $8.00 a night as well as nice hotels nearby.

  • Start Time: Saturday, August 14, 2010 at 4:30pm
  • End Time: Sunday, August 15, 2010 at 2:00am
  • Location: Veteran's Memorial Park Power's Pavillion

Our wedding will have Nature's Fireworks!

Meteor ShowerMeteor ShowerMeteor Shower

The next meteor shower is the Perseids. The Moon is just a couple of days past new at the shower's peak, so there will be no moonlight to interfere with the faint meteors. The shower should reach its peak in the hours after midnight, with a maximum of a few dozen meteors visible per hour.

August 12 and 13, 2010 Perseids And when we say August 12 or 13, we mean the morning hours after midnight … not that night. These typically fast and bright meteors radiate from a point in the constellation Perseus the Hero. But you don't need to know Perseus to watch the shower. The meteors appear in all parts of the sky. The Perseids are considered by many people to be the year's best shower, and often peak at 50 or more meteors per hour. 2010 is a great year for the Perseids. This year, the slender waxing crescent moon will set at early evening, leaving a dark sky for this year's Perseid show. The Perseids tend to strengthen in number as late night deepens into midnight, and typically produce the most meteors in the wee hours before dawn. These meteors are often bright and frequently leave persistent trains. On the mornings of August 12 and 13, watch the Perseid meteors streak across this short summer night from midnight until dawn. Lie back and watch meteors until dawn's light washes the stars and planets from the sky. The morning of August 11 should be good, too – in fact, this shower tends to rise gradually to a peak for about a week. Then it's known to drop off rapidly after the peak mornings.

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